January 4, 2011 | In: Articles

Audio Book

What is an Audiobook? Have you ever tried using this one? What does it do?

Well, an Audiobook is a simple recording of text being read. Most of this audiobook used in schools, public libraries, some music shops etc. It was not until the early 80’s that this small and handy tool began to attract books retailers and manufacturer. It is easier to use and compact. You don’t have to worry a space on your bookshelves. Because this portable book can be store easily.

Before, Audiobooks was in a form of an audio cassette recorder. But time and technology move fast. Audiobooks are available anywhere. You can personally download your favorite book on your PC. Play it on your MP3 player, in CD’s, cassette player and so on.

If you’re lazy to read a book, Audiobook is the solution for you. Audio books are considered a valuable learning tool because of their format. Unlike traditional books or a video program, one can learn from an audiobook while doing other tasks, although it should be noted that this can detract from the primary task, assuming the learning is not the main activity. The most popular use of audiobooks by adults is when driving an automobile or traveling with public transport, as an alternative to radio. Many people listen as well just to relax or as they drift off into sleep.

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