May 17, 2011 | In: Articles

Audio Books and Physical Books

When it comes to audio books and physical books, the generation gap plays a vital role in comparing them. Audio books are the in things today while physical books have been around for hundreds of years. However, both contain the same content and knowledge imparted to the reader or the listener. Comparing these two types of books could not be avoided because despite of the high technology, there are still people who have no idea what audio books are.

Audio books can be listened to on your audio CD, iPod or mobile phone. They are lightweight and you can bring them anywhere and listened to on the train, car or plane. The cost of audio books are the same as physical books and sometimes even cheaper. Physical books are those you commonly see displayed on bookstores. While physical books can also be brought along, some are too heavy and could take up a lot of bag space. Furthermore, physical books will eventually turn brown and left forgotten in a bookshelf or torn.

The comparison of audio books from physical books will depend on the person who uses them. Audio books are the best options for people who are always on the go. For those people who love to sit in a corner and spend an hour or two get lost in the magic world of books, then physical books are the best choice for them.

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