May 9, 2011 | In: Articles

Audio Books for Kids

It is sometimes very hard to get children to sit and read a book, particularly kids who are just starting to read or those with reading problems. The creation of audio books is a great way to incorporate interaction and fun in learning. Today, parents can have an easier time in teaching their kids and many schools are now using audio books in the classrooms.

Children will enjoy learning through audio books that will arouse their attention and interest. With sound and narration, children will remember information much better. Audio books make learning more entertaining compared with conventional teaching. Furthermore, audio books allow teachers to have more time planning interesting programs and teaching materials. Children with difficulty in reading can follow and listen to the books simultaneously to promote interest in reading and allow them to learn while they listen. Popular stories that kids love makes listening to them more interesting. These kinds of books also mean great savings for parents and more storage space for the school.

Audio books are also great help when it comes to pronouncing specific words that they have difficulty in reading. When children hear the pronunciation and seeing it printed, they can pronounce it better. Some popular audio books for children include collection of classics like Alice in Wonderland, Tom Thumb, Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs, Hansel & Gretel, Emperor’s New Clothes and many more.

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