March 7, 2011 | In: Articles

Avail of Free Textbooks Online

Avail of free textbooks online and get great savings. Students are burdened not just by the staggering amount of tuition fees but also the high prices of books these days. For most students, textbooks create gaping holes in their wallets. Nevertheless, textbooks are an integral part of education that should not be taken for granted.

The good news is, the advancement in the internet world has paved the way to acquiring free or low-cost textbooks online. These books can be downloaded into your computer easily. There are several websites that offer free textbooks to help in the learning process of students. There are plenty of education resources available on the internet as PDF files, eBooks or websites containing multimedia content.

The web continues to be the best source of free textbooks and some of these great sites include Bookboon, which provides online textbooks for free in PDF format, Curriki which has open course materials, FlatWorld with free online textbooks about business, sciences and humanities. Other wonderful sources for free textbooks are CK-12, Free High School Science Texts, CLRN, Open Culture, Open Textbooks, Project Gutenberg, Worldwide Mathematics and many more.

As a student, do not let the amount of books hinder you from acquiring the education you desire. Be resourceful and you can find many free textbooks on the internet today!

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