March 24, 2011 | In: Articles

Disadvantages of Audio Books

Audio books have been around for a while. Audio books have been used in public libraries and schools to help children learn to read. These days, there are several forms of audio books and have come a long way from recorded in cassette tapes. Now, there are digital audio books in mp3 format or in CDs. Although audio books offer many benefits, just like anything else, there are also several disadvantages.

Some critics state that audio books could not replace an actual book. For example, although there are good things that come with these materials when it comes to teaching children, there is a tendency that kids could get all too used to merely listening to a book instead of reading it. When reading a physical book, you can focus on it, while with an audio book you can merely listen to it while you work on something else, thus your attention is divided and you could miss out on important details.

The biggest disadvantage of audio books is that they spoil the fun of good old-fashioned reading. Audio books does not encourage kids to read but provide an easy option for reading which is not good because reading is very enriching particularly when done at an early age.

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