March 18, 2011 | In: Articles

Disadvantages of Online Books

Even with the popularity of online books and textbooks these days, there are still a lot of people who prefer to buy physical books. While there are plenty of advantages of online books, just like anything else there are also disadvantages. It is important to be aware not just of the benefits you can get from online books but also of their disadvantages.

When buying books online, there are cases where you may not be able to get it on time unless it is a downloadable one. This could occur for several reasons such as getting lost in the delivery process or not mailed out immediately. There may also be instances when you will get the wrong edition of the book you are looking for. Some people think that is harmful to the eyes to read books on the computer due to eyestrain that can cause health problems such as poor eyesight, back and neck problems.

With online books, you will not be able to browse through the books through via the website but can only view its front cover. There are also rare instances when you might receive damaged books. Some online bookstores will allow you to replace the book without returning the damaged copy.

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