April 13, 2011 | In: Articles

Free Textbooks for College Students

One of the biggest surprises that most college students face when they go back to their campuses is the staggering prices of textbooks. Dozens of college books are now more than $300 apiece. Students, professors and college officials are fighting against the amount of textbooks nowadays. That is why they are trying to find ways to distribute college textbooks for free without illegally downloading them from websites or violating copyright laws.

Online sites offering free books have emerged in the past few years. These sites have contemporary literature and classics beside college textbooks. You can download them quickly into your computer and then load into your mobile device. The library is another source for free textbooks but your chance of borrowing them could mean a long wait, especially when you are looking for some of the popular books.

There are also web swapping and free cycling where you can get free textbooks. Some online sites have come up to help students acquire free textbooks to ease the burden of their costs. They help college students swap books, CD and even movies. Nevertheless, these sites are small, so they do not have popular textbooks yet. Furthermore, there are some internet site transactions that could be misunderstood, thus you have to be careful.

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