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Popular Audio Books

Essentially, audio books are books that you can listen to and serves as means of transferring knowledge. You can get audio books from several audio media resources, like the cassette tape, CDs, MP3/WMA and others. Audio books go back a long way in 1933 when J.P. Harrington, an anthropologist visited the remote parts of the US to record oral accounts of Native Americans’ history. He used aluminum discs on a turntable which is powered by a car battery.

With technology advancement, audio book CDs and downloadable formats are now very popular than the cassette counterparts. These days, audio books are led by the CD format, followed by cassette tapes and online or downloadable audio books. Depending on suitability, an audio book could be abridged, meaning it consists of some less matter compared to the original to save time and unabridged which consist of the whole matter and word for word. Some audio books even have complete cast, music and sound effects to bring a full impact of the book.

Some of the very popular audio books today include the following:

1. The Starter

2. The Hidden Institute

3. A Guide to Learning while you sleep

4.  Harry Potter

5. The Power of Now

6. Trader Tales 6: Owners Share

7. Hijacked: The Creation Story

8. The Arwen Season 6: The Final Days of Peace

9. War of the Worlds

10. The Faltese Malcom

11. Kissyman and the Gentleman

12. Penguin Classics

13. Star Wars

14. The Holy Bible

15. Four Dog Riot

16. The Prince of Hazel and Oak

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