February 28, 2011 | In: Articles

Reading Books Online

A few years before, it might be impossible to imagine reading books online. However, with the birth of technology, particularly the cyber world and the advancement in computer and the internet, you can now read books online through several internet websites. Most of these sites are considered online libraries where you can get a sample of your favorite books and read them in front of your computer screen instead of from a hard covered book.

Check out several sites to look for new authors, new titles and different kinds of books. Most people think that reading online is hard. However, there are specific applications that let you read from the screen comfortably, on your iPod and other Java applet. Nowadays, books have changed not in words but on how they are shared. Now, you can get the most of your electronic format classic books and read them through your website as well.

When reading books online, all you have to do is click your mouse to choose the font that is more convenient for you and you could change colors if you like. White and black are best for bright sunlight while greens and blues are preferable for reading in the evening. You can opt to choose longer stories and use the free bookmarking feature where you can email your address to get a free bookmark. You can reopen the book at the same page with the same color, font and layout settings. Rest assured that your email address is kept confidential and will only be used in sending your bookmarks.

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