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Reading Free Books on the Internet

Ever thought of creating a library of books without spending a dime? Impossible, you might say but actually it is not! This is because of thousands of free books on any subject on the internet, ready to be shard, read o downloaded. Today, you can read all the books you want for free. Books range from romance novels to computer manuals.

Some of the wonderful sites you can read, share or download are for free.

1. ManyBooks.net contains the most popular titles, special collections and more for free.

2. ReadPrint.com has thousands of books for free for students, teachers and the classic enthusiast.

3. The Literature Network is organized alphabetically by author. Many of the books are free but there are some downloads that require a minimal fee.

4. Scribd provides a fascinating collection of all reading material kinds, presentations, textbooks, popular reading and many more.

5.  Librivox.org has many volunteers that work to release quality classic books that are free for anybody to download.

6. Authorama.com has a wide selection of free books from different authors, both current and classic. Each book is simple HTML, which makes them compatible with a lot of book reader tools.

7. International Digital Children’s Library has a great selection of children’s high quality books. It is organized by age, book length, genres and more.

8. Questia Public Library has over 5000 books, most of them are classics and research-related.

9. Bibliomania has more than 2000 pieces of free literature online, mostly classics. You can also find study guides, literature notes and book summaries.

10. Sacred Texts has the biggest collection of books on the web about folklore, religion, mythology and esoteric in general.

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