February 3, 2011 | In: Articles

Textbooks Download

Textbooks download could be the answer to the problem that many students around the world are facing, the overwhelming costs of textbooks. Now, with several internet sites, you can download textbooks for free or at a minimal cost without digging a hole in your pocket. Let’s face it, with the tuition fees skyrocketing, the prices of textbooks could hinder students from achieving their dreams since textbooks are an integral part of learning.

Students usually spend around $200 above for a hardcover textbook only to realize that they cannot sell it used the next year since a new edition has been issued. Now, the online world has finally responded to this global problem. Several websites allow students and teachers to download textbooks for free. Online textbooks are available in PDF format and can be downloaded directly without registration. These textbooks are legal and came from different universities.

The Download College Textbooks Online at Project Gutenberg, Freeload Press, Light and Matter, Super Groovy List of Science and Math Texts are just some of the many websites that allow you to download textbooks for free. Others include Books Google, Flat World Knowledge, Bookshare and Course Smart. You can find useful and searchable database scholarly books, journals and articles. Some of these websites could either allow you to purchase an eBook to read online or download it and keep it in your computer.

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