February 4, 2011 | In: Articles

Textbooks to Download

The most difficult part of being a student, aside from the tuition fee is the staggering amount of books. Indeed, textbooks can be really a financial burden. Nevertheless, if you know where to look for to cut on costs, you will be able to get much of what you need through online sites that allow you to download textbooks for free or at a very low cost.

Some of the websites that allow you to download textbooks for free include BookBoon, a website with PDF textbooks exclusively written by academics from various universities in Europe. These books cover every possible topic from Statistics, Biology to Marketing. FreeTechBooks lists out computer science and programming books with no pirated links. Books range from computing mathematics to operating systems.

Freebooks4Doctors is a great website for over 300 medical textbooks available in PDF format and eBooks, journals and links to other medical books for free. University for Free encourages sharing of textbooks, especially on mandatory texts required by most courses. The site also has a forum where students could share and discuss where to find more resources. FlatWord empowers students to decide how they want to learn. Books in the program are for free or for a low fee. There are also audio books available. These books are also available to be modified by instructors to make their own. In Wikibooks, it has a free library of educational books that you can edit. Wikibooks highly encourages modifying, copying and reusing these books.

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