March 22, 2011 | In: Articles

What are Audio Books?

One of the benefits of recording sound is to make books for listening instead of reading. With the advent of audio books, many people can hear literary works read aloud. Audio books are books read aloud and recorded to be listened to several players. As sound technology improved, audio books are getting more and more popular.

Audio books or talking books are made to help those who are visually handicapped. These books are produced in several formats and some require a special player to use. Audio books are very popular among travellers and people on the go. There are thousands of titles available in various categories. When you travel, you can easily pop an audio book into you cassette or CD player and listen to it. These books are great on long travels on planes and trains.

Most audio books feature famous actors or personalities reading them. Some of these books are read in a play format where different actors play the parts in the characters of the book. Some have sound effects to boost your listening experience. Audio books are distributed on cassette tapes, CDs, downloadable digital formats and preloaded digital where the audio content is preloaded and sold along with a hardware device.

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