February 24, 2011 | In: Articles

Where to Download Free Textbooks

Textbooks nowadays cost a small fortune and every year the prices of these books get higher and higher. Students pay from $700 to $100 for their textbooks for a single year. Although online schools provide a virtual curriculum, most of them still require their students to buy traditional textbooks with staggering prices.

With the advancement of technology however, students now have the option to purchase textbooks at a low cost online or even for free. Many websites offer downloadable textbooks with no cost at all. Bookboon.com is a website where you can download textbooks in PDF format. The Curriki website lets you download high-quality education books for free. In Wikibooks you can download free eBooks and textbooks.

CK-12 is another site to download with no registration needed. You can download many physics and mathematics textbooks for free in FHSST. OpenCulture has free 150 free textbooks related to science, history, technology, management, business and more. Project Gutenberg digitizes and distributes eBooks you can download for free. It has over three thousand books. You can choose the format you want to download, whether epub, HTML, Kindle and the simple text format. Google Scholars is great for research and thesis papers online.

If you are searching for medical books and textbooks, you can download them free at Amedeo. This site is a great source for nurses, physicians and patients alike. ebook30.com has a large collection of eBooks related to various fields from technology to social studies, engineering and computer programming.

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