August 23, 2011 | In: Articles

Wonderful Audio Books

Audio books have been used traditionally in schools by the teachers of second-language learners, impaired students, learning-disabled students or those struggling to read. In most cases, they have been proven successful in providing access to literature to these students. Audio books introduce students to books that are beyond their reading level, teach critical listening, introduce new vocabulary, and provide a read-aloud model and more.

These talking books capture the interest of students, particularly the grade school children. Since they are read by different persons, they are fascinating to listen to, not to mention the music and background sounds that accompany these books. Most books are read by the author or include a commentary by the author. Now, you need not stop what you are doing in order to read, you can continue with whatever your chores you have while listening to a great story.

Most of all, audio books provide knowledge, information and entertainment to those who are visually impaired. While they may not be able to read, they can listen and learn and not fall behind to those people without vision problems. Technology has created another tool that makes life easier for people with disability and impairment. Audio books provide many benefits to different kinds of people.

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